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Your online marketplace to discover unique specials from local businesses and artists. Imagine, Pinterest meets Etsy for the local market.

Whim exists on a simple mission to fuel local commerce. We want to help local businesses connect with local residents. In our extensive research, we found that consumers want to shop local but feel small businesses lack the visibility & awareness. We want to help fix that.

We are building a MainStreet Marketplace to discover unique specials.

Our focus for the site is unique gifts that individuals buy for themselves or loved ones due to a simple fact - we spend way more time looking for special gifts that tell a story vs. buying pantry staples. If we could provide a discovery service for unique gifts (such as your products) from local businesses and artists, we beleive we can capture traffic from the over 60% of US Consumers who want to support local family owned businesses.

We will bring local customers to Whim to discover your unique specials. We will market Whim - online, locally and on social media. We will drive visibility on Google, send your post to Google Shopping , build & generate a following of ‘shop local’ buyers on social media, run regular paid Ads online and locally in newspapers & magazines.

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How Does This Work?

If you are a local business or artist carrying whimsical products:

  1. You Join!

    In a few simple steps, you join an online community of independent stores. Together we build your search optimized profile page to make it easy for consumers to find you & your products. Next, similar to posting on Instagram, you post on Whim and we take care of marketing it online and locally.

  2. We Market (online and local)

    We understand where consumers shop - online and locally. We market where they hang out & shop, simple. All posts on Whim are sent to your social media channels (Facebook, Insta, Pinterest) and ours, Google and Google Shopping; reaching existing customers and new. It’s one update and done. On top of that, we run regular paid ads online and locally.

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  3. More Foot Traffic, More Sales!

    On Whim, you choose where you want to drive traffic - in store or online. Local customers can browse whimsical gift items from multiple local stores and buy online on your site (if available) or visit in store or at an event. Since we are targeting local customers, they live within miles from your location.

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  4. Whim-Win

    Smiles all across! Over 60% customers want to shop local amd small businesses & artists have unique selection. With Whim’s discovery and marketing platform, we aim to increase foot traffic in the neighborhood corridor helping ALL businesses benefit and revitalize our community.

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