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Can you help me build a website, the last guy ran away with it

— My Mom over a conversation with me in mid 2019.

We all have had similar conversations with our parents. Our idea was born hearing such conversations from multiple small business owners who struggle with e-commerce, search engines, social media marketing etc. Small Business owners are enterprising individuals who shine when managing their store and selling their craft - building relationships along the way.

Our goal is to help them focus on their trade and connect with local customers without the tech hassles and big ad spend. Similar to a physical downtown, we are building an online marketplace to discover unique specials.

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Our Team

Aviral Gupta

My name is Aviral Gupta. I am super passionate about building communities and enabling commerce. I live in the Bay area along with my wife and 6 year old daughter. My entire family is full of small business owners and I have seen their joy and troubles very closely. I have had the luxury of working in Retail, Ecommerce and Social media over the last 18 years of my corporate career. I love frequenting local stores, farmers markets and buying unique gifts.

Whim is my attempt to support the small business & artist community. I want to share their story, unique selection and help them thrive by driving increased traffic and sales.

Jason Heung

Jason Heung is our tech wiz helping us realize our vision via glorious design and scalable tech. He brings with him over 10+ years of experience of web development and start-up experience. He has led multiple initiatives building beautiful web applications and creating an online presence that stands to impress!

Larry Klein

Larry Klein has a unique mix of startup acumen and extended relationships with government agencies and small businesses. For the past 25 years, he has been working in a variety of technology startups, managing both technical implementation and marketing efforts. Larry is also the current Mayor of Sunnyvale, California, and a big advocate for small businesses.

Reena Jadhav

Reena Jadhav is our versatile Business Advisor from the Tech Futures Group. Ms. Jadhav has founded and worked at five startups in mobile messaging, voice recruiting, marketing platform, community platform and loyalty rewards. She has deep experience in identifying fundable game changing ideas, prototyping, team building, fundraising, market launching award winning products, business model innovation and revenue generation.

Darshil Shah

Darshil Shah and Aviral met at the Stanford Product management class. They were part of the group working on Whim and have continued that passion beyond the classroom. Darshil overlooks all part of Business Operations, especially focused on the end user experience. He brings 10+ years of experience from companies such as Facebook, Walmart, Capgemini, and Deloitte.

Kartikey Gupta

Kartikey Gupta brings with him a unique mix of marketing and legal aspects. Being a corporate attorney and having advised and worked with various startups on their legal and business matters, he founded his own startup where he handled marketing activities and legal compliances. Belonging to a small business family himself, Kartikey is passionate about helping businesses grow.

Whim Local Design Team

Christine Gonzalez

Christine Gonzalez is a Latina designer passionate about the community, social good, and working with a purpose. Her goal is to help solve the complex problems of a changing and diverse world through compelling visual design solutions and smart strategies. She believes that working with passionate individuals can help communities grow, and leave an everlasting positive impression.

Patricia Lee

Patricia Lee is a product/visual designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about helping others and creating meaningful designs. Her mission as a designer is to develop solutions that help others live a more fulfilled and happier lifestyle by finding a healthy balance between personal growth, career development, and well-being.

Tamara Zenovych

Tamara Zenovych is a UX designer with a strong background in human behavior. Her passion for creating meaningful solutions for people brought her from being an HR Business Partner to her first UX Design projects. She strives to craft simple design solutions for businesses by implementing user-centered design and aesthetics into essential customers' experiences through trust and joy.

Special gratitude to Techstars Start-up weekend (Whim judged #2 Winner), Stanford Product Management teachers & classmates (A+ grade), Tech Futures Group, YC Startup school, ASU Venture Devils & numerous small local businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thank you for continuing to support me (and our diverse, dispersed team) on the journey to help small independent local stores.

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