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I am onboard but what’s the catch?

There is none. We want to build a MainStreet Marketplace to discover your unique specials. We want to be a new channel for you to gain new customers. All for a nominal fee. Join us now!

Monthly Fee


À la carte

Pay per Post

Business Profile Page (search engine optimized)Free (Always)Free (Always)
Post on Whim MarketplaceUnlimited (no spam)$5 per post
Whim Marketplace Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)IncludedIncluded
Whim Marketplace Paid Local marketing (posters, flyers, local ads)IncludedIncluded
Drive clicks to your websiteIncludedIncluded
Drive “foot traffic” to your store or eventIncludedIncluded
Customer AnalyticsAdvancedBasic
Automated post to your Facebook & InstagramIncludedNot included
Automated post to your PinterestIncluded (coming soon)Not included
Automated post sent to Google ShoppingIncluded (coming soon)Not included
Whim Paid Ads for your business (1x monthly)IncludedNot included
Monthly Cost*$19.99Pay per Post
10% of profits support local charities. Free for student entrepreneurs, always!

The fees will be used to run our technology and local marketing operations for the collective benefit of local businesses and neighborhoods we serve. Our aim is to continuously drive increased traffic to local stores by driving organic and paid advertising on your behalf, bringing local customers to discover your products and drive more sales.

Whim is not another tech startup. We are a small business too, helping other small businesses. We plan to register as a Public Benefit Corporation, a special type of corporation that states public benefits it serves in addition to creating shareholder value. The public benefits we serve is the creation of economic opportunity for independent local business owners and the use of our platform in service of reversing climate change — shopping locally does both.

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